Dr. Laske had been recommended to me by a friend when I had mentioned about my lower back and neck pain. I suffered for many years with pain and with migraine headaches that would render me helpless. I started seeing Dr. Laske and in a couple of weeks I was feeling better.

I was so pleased that I recommended Dr. Laske to my daughter, mom, neighbor and numerous friends. If asked if I know a good chiropractor, I give them Dr. Laske's card as I carry them in my purse.
Thank you for helping me to feel better!
Nancy G.

Dr. Laske took the time to evaluate and explain my back pain. We set up a treatment plan and I noted great improvements within a week. I was also experiencing a lot of wrist pain which I just thought was carpel tunnel. Dr. Laske took the time to look at it, and after a very simple adjustment of my wrists the pain went away. Dr. Laske has shown me that pain does not have to be a part of my life.

I have benifited from chiropractic care for over 20 years and have experienced positive outcomes of pain reduction, increased mobility, and better over all well being. As important to me as my mecial doctor, I rely on Dr. Laske for regular treatments as a vital part of my healthcare. I have been relieved of severe back and neck pain and I know that chiropractic care will help you too!!
Maggie H.

Laske Family Chiropractic came highly recommended to me by a friend who knew I was looking for a good chiropractor to help me manage chronic neck, shoulder, upper and lower back pain caused by arthritis. And I'm so glad my friend was right! Dr. Laske has proven himself to be an important part of my health team.
It was about a year after I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer that I first consulted with Dr. Laske in 2012. The purpose was to help manage pain that my cancer team felt was not being caused by the metastasized lesions on the mid spine. I'd already dah surgery, rounds of chemotherapy and radiation which initially stopped the spread of the cancer and I was considered to be in a stable mode with the disease. But I still had the neck, shoulder, upper and lower back pain. And although I was offered pain medication to help control it by my oncologist, I preferred trying chiropractic first. With my oncologist's blessing, I went to see Dr. Laske and the chiropractic treatments helped substantially with the pain.
Dr. Laske is well aware of my condition and takes care with the manipulations and treatments he provided me. As the cancer began to progress again and different medical procedures were implemented, including the placement of a port for blood draws and IV meds, Dr. Laske altered the type of treatment he gave me so as not to cause any problems to where the port had been placed.
In late 2013 and early 2014, there was a period of time where I quit seeing Dr. Laske because I was so much better regarding pain. But I went back to see him because all of the original pain had returned, but more importantly, a new pain had started, something I'd never experienced before. The pain was so bad in my right leg that I started to limp in order to walk. My cancer team was aware of the new pain and initially thought it was a normal side effect from one of my cancer meds I was on. This time when my oncologist offered me pain deds to help control it, I accepted - the pain was that bad. Also during this period, more metastatic lesions were afound again on the mid spine adding to the pain. But I decided to go back to see Dr. Laske to get his input and to see if his adjustments might help too.
Dr. Laske gave me the adjustments and they helped with most of the pain, but did nothing for the pain in the leg. I needed pain meds to handle that. Dr. Laske was very concerned about the leg though, because it was affecting my spine when I limped. He was so concerned that he kindly, but firmly suggesterd I have my family doctor or cancer doctor take a closer look at the leg and take X-rays of it. Dr. Laske was certain there was more going on with it. And it turned out, he was absolutley right!
During my next visit with my oncologist, I told her what Dr. Laske had said about my right leg and she ordered the X-ray immediately, along with another barrage of bone scans and CT scans. The X-ray showed that my leg was in a "pre-fracture" state. This was an abnormal side effect of my meds. A metal rod was inserted inside my thight bone. I can only imagine the additional damage and medical procedures I would have had to go through had it not been caught when it was. But thanks to Dr. Laske's alertness and determination to get it looked at, it was caught just in time. The amount of gratitude I feel towards him for that - well, it can't be measured. To me, it is a testament of his professionalism and genuine concern for his patients' overall well-being.
I also appreciate the upbeat and positive nature of the staff at Laske Family Chiropractic. Aside from the fact that the treatments do help a lot, one of the reasons I look forward to my appointments is the overall friendly and happy demeanor.
Bottom line - I have complete faith in Dr. Laske's chiropractic knowledge, ability and professionalism; and certainly trust his judgement. Further, he has a genuine concern for the well-being of his patients. I do no consider Dr. Laske as support to my caner treatment, I consider him an integral and indispensable part of it. I sincerely highly recommend Laske Family Chiropractic. On a five star rating scale, he gets an absolutely 5+ stars from me.
Cynthia Y.

I have been going to Laske Family Chiropractic for 3 years now and just recently got into a bad car accident. Without the help and time this office spent on me I would not feel back to normal. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for me. You guys are like family to me.
Aimee L.

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